Professional surveying technology: accurate and fast

Surveying simplifies our work, reduces costs and thus optimises all processes in our construction projects. We therefore make use of the numerous advantages of modern surveying technology. Machine control systems working via 3DGPS make precise operation possible, but also allow changes to be made in ongoing projects at short notice from the office. The automatic logging of all relevant data not only allows constant checking of construction progress, but also exact, technologically documented billing in adherence to the budget framework agreed beforehand.

Precise surveying: on the ground and from the air

We use technical innovation for high-quality survey results at all levels: the drone “Intel Falcon 8+” in the Topcon edition is our most important tool for surveying from the air. In addition to high-quality sensors, the drone possesses active vibration dampening and compensation-capable camera mounting to achieve the greatest precision. We use it to swiftly gather precise data with it from which a 3D model of the mapped area is produced on a computer. The use of the drone optimises our work processes with faster and accurate recording of the highest-grade data.

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