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Concentrated strength for good performance

The variety of fields of activity and differences in size of the projects handled by Böwingloh & Helfbernd GmbH require versatile technological equipment that takes into account environmental factors as well as accuracy and speed.

On this basis, a state-of-the-art, high-performance pool of machines and vehicles has been created, which more than meets the central challenges of the different building projects, our customers’ needs and protection of the environment.

Examples from our machine park

Environment protection & innovation

The constant further development of technical equipment allows the highest possible level of innovation, which benefits not just you as a customer but also the environment.

For example, for many years exclusively organic hydraulic oil has been used in all large machinery. An innovative, but also cost-intensive and high-maintenance step, which makes a particular contribution to protection of the environment by protecting the sensitive bodies of water and soil against difficult-to-remedy contamination during construction work.

Fully automatic machine control systems with 3D-GPS are now making actions possible that were still inconceivable a few years ago, such as an automatic logging of mass volumes or the transmission of short-notice changes of plan from the office by remote access to the construction machine. All of this ensures an exact and automatically logged basis for billing, for quicker corrections or revision and thus for greater budget security.

Since 01.01.2014, all crawler excavators of Böwingloh & Helfbernd GmbH have been operated with (environmentally friendly) organic hydraulic liquid PANOLIN HLP SYNTH .

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